Invest in asset backed loans

Lend to borrowers who have existing investments but require short term funding.


Asset Backed Loans

This new class of investment entails lending to people who have funds invested with our partner investment companies but need quick loans for their personal or business opportunities.

Instead of liquidating their investments to fund this short term needs such as rent, medical expenses, utility and school fees amongst others, FINT bridges the gap by providing access to quick and affordable credit to be repaid monthly.

Borrowers can access a percentage of their money in these investments companies as loans with payback within the tenor of their investment.

What are the risks?

What happens if the borrower refuses to payback?

Risk of default in this investment class is greatly reduced as borrowers only have access to a percentage of the money they have invested with the partner companies. The investment serves as security for the loan from where the unpaid balance will be deducted and paid to lenders in the event a borrower defaults on payment.

We have partnered with reputable investment companies to provide you with this opportunity to earn returns.

A new investment class

Earn between 2-3% monthly (E.g if you invest N100,000 for 6 months you get between N112,000 and N118,000 at the end of the cycle).

Take advantage of this first of its kind investment, earn returns backed by existing investment while helping more people meet their personal or business opportunity needs.


Diversify your portfolio

Be among the first set of investors taking advantage of this new class of investment, diversify your portfolio beyond stocks, treasury bills and bonds by investing in asset backed loans.

This class of alternative investment offers minimal risk and attractive returns.


Make impact

Help more Nigerians access loans for their personal needs such as rent, medical bills, school fees and utility bills amongst others.


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