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FINT is a loan marketplace that matches lenders looking for competitive returns with creditworthy borrowers looking for the most attractive interest rates possible.
FINT charges three fees. They are the risk score application fee, closing fee charged to the borrower and lender subscription fee.

For lenders (FAQ)

A lender is anyone who lends a loan on the FINT platform.
The FINT platform is designed to automatically deposit your repayment in your account once it leaves the borrower.
The borrower is charged a late fee per week until the loan is repaid. If borrower fails to pay loan for two consecutive months (default), despite the late fees, he/she would be referred to a debt collection agency to recover the funds.
Yes, but a new account with borrower status would have to be created.
No, based on your risk appetite, you can diversify your portfolio by co-lending in various loans.
It takes 15 days for the loan to be fully funded. In the event that the loan is not fully funded, you would be refunded your current lendment.
Your interest is proportional to the fraction of the loan you lended in.
Loans are divided into categories and risk score rating. Loans with higher risk scores (measures risk-worthiness) are less risky and thus have lower return on lendment and vice versa. On the other hand, categories highlight the general purpose of the loan.
You are charged 1.5% of your returns.
No, but loan defaulters will be referred to a debt collection agency and legal action would be levied against the borrower.
No, we do not have access to your account but we will deposit the related repayments in your account as required.
Go to the lender Page; Click on CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT and fill out the required information.
Yes, we are PCI level 2 compliant which ensures that all information transfer carried out on the website is protected and secure
You only have access to the interest rate as well as the loan category associated with a borrower.
Borrowers loans are insured and in the event of loss of life, disability, loss of job, lenders will be repaid accordingly.
You will receive a text and email with updates regarding the loan.
You will receive text and email updates as well as an alert from your bank indicating that your account has been credited with the relevant amount.
You don't have to be a Co-lender to withdraw your lendment. Anyone can
Unfortunately, after lending in a loan resulting in it becoming fully funded, you cannot withdraw your money as it has been committed to the corresponding borrower.
In the scenario where you no longer enjoy making money, you can close your account in the settings tab.

For Borrowers (FAQ)

Applying for a loan through FINT is fast, easy, and confidential. Please note that all applications must be completed online. The process is the following:

  • Apply and take the risk assessment test to obtain a risk score
  • Accept terms and conditions as well as interest rate assigned
  • Pay for verification of your addresses and credit history check
  • Once accepted, upload necessary documents for verification
  • Once verified, loan request is uploaded unto platform
  • Once funded, money is disbursed to the borrower
  • Low fixed interest rates
  • No early prepayment fees
  • Access to money for loans
  • Easy and quick application
  • Fast cash, once approved (maximum of 19 days)
A risk score is a numerical expression based on a level analysis of a person's information , to represent the creditworthiness of the person.
Based on your risk score , there is an interest rate attached to your loan request. However, you can choose whether or not to borrow if the interest rate does not suit your needs.
For personal loans, the minimum is ₦20,000.00 and the maximum is ₦1,000,000.00
The borrower has to go to the loan in the portal and click disburse. Then it will take 2-5 business days.
Anyone who is 21 years and above that lives in Lagos with a sufficient income and is risk-worthy can apply.
No. All information that is displayed to lenders is used to determine whether they want to lend in you or not. Only financial information with no direct ties to the personal identity of a borrower is revealed.
FINT charges the card borrowers registered on the FINT platform. When a loan repayment is due, a reminder via text message/email is sent to the borrower two days and also a day before the loan repayment is due, after which the borrower is then charged.
A borrower can close their account once there are no outstanding loan payments. An lender can close their account once all payments due to him have been received.
All payments are made online. The account/card is charged on the date of payment.
There is no early prepayment fee charged.
Payments cannot be delayed as there is an already set payment schedule.
When a loan repayment is due, an attempt would be made to charge the borrower's registered account. If that fails due to insufficient account balance a late payment fee of 2.5% of the month's repayment is charged, and the borrower is given two day grace. This process is repeated on the third and fifth day up until the seventh day. If after all these the borrower does not still provide sufficient funds in his/her registered account, the borrower is then given a grace period of 7 days to ensure the required funds are made available in his/her registered account. If otherwise, another late fee is charged again every 7 days up until the borrower defaults.
You will be classified as a defaulter when you fail to make 2 consecutive months’ loan repayments.
Your file will be referred to a debt collection agency to retrieve the loan
FINT charges the borrower two fees that are both one time payments. The first is a verification fee (NGN 3000) and the second is a closing fee (8%). The closing fee is to be paid before disbursement of the fully-funded loan. In addition, a transfer fee (1.8% + NGN100) is passed on to the borrower.

In order to verify that the information given in the risk score is accurate, FINT asks that you upload the following documents in pdf format :

  • Bank Statements of at least 6 months
  • Proof of Employment/ Company ID
  • Proof of Identity (Passport, National ID, Drivers License)
No, a borrower’s FINT score is not absolute. It varies based on the factors presented at the time as well as the structure of the loan requested.
  • In-Funding

    These are loans you requested that are still being funded by lenders

  • Pending

    The period where the loan you requested has reached full funding but has not been disbursed

  • Disbursed

    The refers to loans that have been disbursed and you are currently paying back.

  • Defaults

    These are loans that you fail to make 2 consecutive months’ loan repayments.

  • Repaid

    These are loans requests have been paid back.

  • Cancelled

    These are loans requests that you cancelled before the loan could be disbursed.

  • Expired

    These are loans requests that ran out of funding time before the loan could be fully funded.

  • Withdrawn

    This refers to lendments you withdrew from loans you previously decided to fund

  • Voided

    These are loans that you lended in which were cancelled before the loan could be disbursed.

  • Average Interest

    It's the average interest you are earning from all your current loan lendments

  • Maximum Interest

    Maximum Interest refers to the highest interest rate you have lended in.

  • Minimum Interest

    Minimum Interest refers to the Lowest interest rate you have lended in.

  • Net Returns

    Net Returns is your ROI minus all expenses incurred on the FINT platform (which include transfer fees and lender subscription costs)

  • Interest Range

    Range refers to how wide the gap is between your minimum and maximum interest rates.

  • ROI (Return on lendment)

    ROI or Return of lendment is the amount of money, in percentage terms that you have gained from your FINT loan lendment.

  • Loan Requests

    These are borrowers' requests for loans.

Loan repayments (principal and interest) are paid back every month for the duration of the loan period(6,12,18 and 24 months).
Yes, however it does not exempt you from agreed interest payments.
Once you pay your commitment fee, you simply click on the Disburse icon on the FINT platform and your loan will be sent to your account.
Yes, your risk score will improve and you will be able to access a better interest rate for future loans on the platform.

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